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All You Need to Know About Social Media analytics

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 23:55

media analytics

Whether you are an owner of a start-up a medium or big enterprise, everyone today uses social networks for promoting their goods and services. The reason behind this is now it is the world of social networks and zillions of people from all over the globe are using different platforms. So, they give you access to massive consumers base which means you have increased possibility of conversions.

Because the competition has skyrocketed, it is becoming more difficult to make your goods and services visible to the consumers and if people don’t know that your service or goods exist, how will they purchase them?

Moreover, since many companies are now offering the same type of services and goods, people now have many options to choose from. This makes it even more difficult to improve sales. However, online networks bring you a chance to advertise your services or goods to a massive public . For instance, if you sell different kinds of goods online, the can be advertised on Facebook so that people can see your items and purchase them.

All in all, these platforms assist you with the advertising of a company or brand. Now, why is that so important? Because the end-goal of any brand is to earn high income and revenues which is generated through sales of goods or services and marketing plays a major role in your sales. Many experts believe that if businesses stop focusing on marketing they will cease to exist as it is what aides you to generate high sales.

Moreover, it helps you in presenting your services or goods in a better way to the consumers. You can use it to make them understand what your goods offer, how is it beneficial to you and how does it work. This way the buyers will trust your goods and, in turn, will purchase them. It also plays a huge role in building a loyal buyers base.

However, it is not as easy as just making a profile and forming posts related to your goods. To form the right advertising strategies, you must carry out market research which includes gathering details such as who your buyers are, what do they want, their purchasing trends and patterns and where do they come from; their location. These details will help you in making more informed decisions. Moreover, when you conduct this research, you can also anticipate how are your goods or services are going to perform as it relates to sales and it sheds light on how your rivals operate.

Since it will require a lot of money, time and effort if you randomly start targeting the buyers, you should correctly identify your target purchasers at the start so that you can make marketing strategies accordingly. For determining these factors accurately, different factors such as location, age, loyalty, gender, etc. must be considered. If you haven't correctly defined you buyers or don’t give them what they desire, you will simply be wasting time, money and effort.

Other important factors that you are required to determine to refine your strategies and expand your enterprise include understating which network plays a role in your majority of sales, which content of yours is your top performer and how is your presence on these networks affecting your enterprise. Now, these are some very important questions and if you learn the answers to these, you can significantly improve your sales. How? Let us say that you get most of the purchasers from Facebook. This suggests that you are required to concentrate more on this network and allocate more budget to it.

In the same way, when you know which posts or content are performing the best, you can analyze then thoroughly to understand what makes them the top performers and use the same strategy for other posts as well. Now, content is very important to convince people to buy your service or goods.

Although you are free to decide what kind of posts you want to add to your platform, you must ensure that they clearly reflect what your brand and goods offer. Another important factor in terms of content is that it must be updated regularly. The logic behind this is simple; people are always looking for the latest info.

Now, if you ignore any of these aspects, it can result in fewer conversions. For instance, say you are offering an excellent item which is exactly what the people are looking for but you are unable to promote them properly by using attractive descriptions, you won’t be able to convince people to purchase them. In order to find out if all of these efforts are even paying off or not, one must keep tabs on their conversions.

Gathering details such as which posts people visits the most on your online profile is known as social media analytics. Now, the main question here is how can these factors be determined? To help you with this, many companies have developed tools for this purpose that provide these details so that you can run a more effective marketing campaign. You also need this data to justify the money you are spending on these campaigns.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss different tools and platforms that offer media analytics, what they offer and how they work. So keep reading the article.

Social Media Analytics Tools

External services include the tools offered by 3 rd parties for social media analytics reports. Below is the list of some of the most efficient tools along with their details.


  • IO Technologies
  • Sprout Social
  • BuzzSumo
  • Awario
  • Talkwalker
  • Google Analytics

  •  IO Technologies

Social Media analytics

This is another excellent tool which is designed to help both startups as well as enterprises. It aids you with build the consumers loyalty and making your webpage better. The data can be transferred in excel sheets. furthermore, it can also be accessed via API. The tool sends you daily reports based on the info collected from your plaform so that you can examine it and make more effective decisions. You can also examine how the shoppers are interacting with the pictures on your webpages.

  • Sprout Social

The aim of Sprout social is to save you from the trouble of collecting data manually which requires a lot of time and effort. Moreover, it can be inaccurate as well due to human errors. Once integrated, the tool automatically collects data and uses it to create reports. It not only shows you important metrics but gives you details so that it is easy for you to analyze them and make more informed decisions.

Do you want to thoroughly analyze the performance of your brand on a single social network or are you looking to monitor various platforms at a time and compare their performance instantly? The tool will help you with both.

The tool can be integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and many other such platforms. This easy to use app is designed to give you important insights into your online campaigns.

Whether you wish to learn about your Facebook Page impression, want to evaluate the rise in your followers on instagram, examine the success of your posts on Pinterest, know the amount of clicks on your Twitter link or assess your LinkedIn profile performance, the tool is at your disposal for all of this and a lot more. All of these networks can easily be monitored from one place.

Moreover, the tool instantly organizes all of these details in the form of reports that are easy to understand. The reports are sent to you as soon as they are ready.

The tool provides you several templates for the reports as well as an option to customize them and add the metrics and parameters which you think are most important for you. This means you have various options for gathering info and presenting them to your team.

The tool lets you analyze trends so that you know how your buyers behaves and what they are looking for. Moreover, the tool also allows you to keep tabs on the activities of your rivals and analyze the performance of your internal teams. These details will help you in enhancing your support service as well as compare your brands with others in the same market.

With the listening tool, you can get useful insights into who your buyers are, their age, location, gender, etc. as well as the way your campaign is working, the way consumers interacts on your network profile and the top performers of the industry.

  • BuzzSumo

free social media analytics

This tool is a great way to figure out what posts or content is performing the best so that you can focus on it and use the same strategies for the rest of your posts. The tool will tell you how many times was your article or post shared on specific network such as Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. Moreover, it also allows you to analyze your content’s performance against appropriate keywords for your industry. This will help you in evaluating how your campaigns performing against the competitors.

Social platforms are now among the best ways for making your content visible to a large buyers base. So, when you know which posts are receiving the most share, you will have a clear idea of what is liked by the buyers. You can then devise a more effective strategy. The tool also aids you in understanding different aspects of these best performing posts like the date it was published, the type of headline it has, etc.

With the content discovery feature, you can get discover effective ideas as it allows you to search forums, topics, and even trends. Basically, the tool tells you what is currently liked by the purchasers and what is not. It shows you the real-time views of any trending topics right when it is being viewed by the people.

It also offers a filer for discovering articles based on their trending score. This way it will be easy for you to figure out which topics are in demand. Moreover, if you want to focus on a particular location, it also offers a filter for sorting the results by location. This is a great way to get useful insights into a specific region. With all these details, you can then make your personalized feed and share it.

The best thing about the tool is that it also lets you discover the keywords that matter. Now, when you place these keywords while writing your posts, you will have better chances to rank your posts higher in search results which in turn means more views.

The tool offers four pricing plans; Pro, Plus, Large and Enterprise. The pro package is available for $99/month or $79/month when paid annually. This package gives you unlimited searches for content and offers 5 alerts as well as 5000 mentions. The Plus package is available for $179/month or $1668/year. With this plan, you get unlimited searches, 10 alerts and 10,000 mentions. It also gives you access to question analyzer which lets you discover the most frequently asked questions on different forums.

Then comes the Large plan which costs $299 per month or $2868 per year. This package offers you unlimited searches, 30 alters and 20,000 mentions. You also get access to Question, Youtube, and Facebook analyzers. It allows 15 users and 200 exports and 30 projects. Lastly, the Enterprise package has custom charges starting from $499 per month. The price is based on the services you ask for. This package gives 5 years of data, unlimited searches, 50 plus alerts and access to all the Analyzers such as Facebook and Youtube. The no. of users, projects and exports can be customized. All the packages come with a free trial.

  • Awario

One of the most factors on which brands must focus on is to collect instant details on the conversations of their consumers. Awario is designed for this purpose. The tool enables you to observe all the mentions of your company and also the conversations related to the industry happening on the internet. The tool provides you real-time details of the events happening on social platforms.

The tool helps you in responding to the most important mentions. This is done by determining from which platform are you getting the most mentions and it also examines their reach. Moreover, the tool also assists you with the words that are most popular in your niche and those can then be used to get better rankings and attract more people.

  • Talkwalker

Talkwalker is an efficient tool for analyzing the effectiveness of your enterprise on social networks and it enables you to conduct comparison among your brand’s effectiveness to that of your rivals on different social networks. The tool supports different platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

By utilizing this tool, one can look for the most significant keywords and hashtags and that too without any charges. One can conduct infinite searches for popular networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, different forums and blogs, etc. It offers a variety of parameters like conversations distributions, mentions, best performing posts and much more.

The tool offers three pricing plans; Basic, Corporate and Enterprise. The Basic version costs $9600 per month and is ideal for start-ups while for the pricing details of the other two packages, you need to contact the support team.

  • Google Analytics

social media analytics

Google Analytics is an effective and efficient data analytics software. The tool, as suggested by its name, is developed by Google itself that gives a pretty good understanding of how powerful it is. It is a free social media analytics that enables you to examine your ads. campaign and also allows you to calculate the ROI you are generating from social platforms. This tool not only helps you save time but energy and effort as well. The tool also supports desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

From media companies to any other brand, the tool is used by all types of companies who are using online networks for advertising of their brand as it helps them in monitoring the effectiveness and performance of their campaigns. The tool tells how much traffic are you getting on your site from different social platforms. It also offers you UTM metrics and parameters which you can use to keep tabs on your marketing campaigns.

It also tells you where the people are coming from like referral links, social networks, ads, and search engines, etc. Furthermore, it also determines the exact amount of consumers that came from a particular source or social network and gives you details of every source.

Suppose, if the majority of your buyers are coming from search engines, the tool will tell you how many of them are coming from a particular search engine such as Google or Bing, etc. With this info, you can get a clear idea of which source you need to pay attention to in order to improve your effectiveness. Let us say, you get the most consumers from the referral links, you will know that you need to make plan especially for it or if it is a social platform like Facebook, you can make your posts especially for the users of this platform.

The tool also offers various other features and shows you key parameters and metrics that assist you in making accurate strategies. It will allow you to analyze your platform so that you are fully aware of which posts are performing the best and where do you need improvement.

The tool offers you real-time reports that aid you in monitoring the events happening on your platform at the moment. This way it gives you useful insights into how the consumers responds to your strategies and campaign.

Also, this information makes it easy for you to anticipate how will your consumers react to your coming ads. campaigns or other new posts. However, these reports are not only beneficial for marketing but can also be utilized by developers, support services and IT departments, etc.

To access this real-time info, you are required to go to the reporting section and from there you have to select real-time. This section can be found on the left side. Details of any of your consumer who is triggering events on your site for the last 5 minutes are included in these reports while for regular reports this duration is 30 minutes.

These reports include several sections. First of all, the Overview section shows you the overall stats of what is happening on your platform at the moment.

It will tell you the no. of the consumers on your webpage at the moment. Moreover, these reports will also let you know which pages of your site are the people landing on the most and the time for which they are triggering activities on your platform. Another important parameter that is determined by the tool is the bounce rate which shows the total no. of people who leave your website on their first visit.

You can use all these details to analyze what is liked by the consumers and what’s not. You can then shape all of your pages accordingly to improve traffic and sales.

The tool shows you the location of the buyers currently on your site as well as the devices and browsers they are using, their screen resolution, and their language, etc. These details are very helpful and offer valuable insights into who your buyers are. So, how can this info be used to offer a better experience to the buyers? Suppose the majority of people use mobiles that are not supported by flash, you can use this info and shape your platform in a way that is best optimized for mobiles and avoid using flash content.

Along with these real-time stats, the tool also gathers data automatically to give you historical stats so that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into gathering the info and pasting it into complex spreadsheets for analysis. The tool then uses these details to create reports automatically and sends it to daily so that you can take quick actions.

The tool is user-friendly and can be configured with this. To do this, you are first required to create an account and then paste a tracking code. After the code is pasted, you don’t need to take any further actions for gathering these details as the tool will automatically send you daily reports through email so that you can make the right strategies about what must be done to improve the performance of your brand.

Along with these automatic reports, the tool also provides you an opportunity to create your customized reports where you can include important parameters and metrics according to your requirements and needs. The tool is that it is available for free and there are no hidden costs.