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Parsely Review and Alternatives

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 22:33

Every online platform whether a blog, informative forum or any other online forum needs top-notch material to attract the readers and writing such material requires effort and energy. Furthermore, keeping your forum in shape may also require you to spend money if you get it written by someone else. The material of the webpage must also be updated regularly to keep it interesting for the readers.

However, writing high-quality stuff and updating it regularly doesn’t guarantee good performance. The end goal of any owner is to get as much readers on the webpage as possible and the maximum no. of sales.

Now, to tempt more readers to check your webpage, you must make it noticeable to the public. How? You should modify your webpage by inserting the most accurate keywords and hyperlinks, etc. When these actions are taken, your webpage has better probability of getting a higher spot in results of Google when people look for the related topics. This makes it likely that they will see your webpage which in turn means more chances of them visiting it.

Now, after the above techniques have been utilized, you are required to tempt people to visit it. That is to say, you are required to completely redesign the heading and description that appeals immediately to the readers and make them remain on your webpage. Once readers are on your forum, your main goal must be to offer them what they desire. Let us say, a blog is owned by you and it has a feature for subscription, your ultimate goal could be to get as many subscribers as possible. By inspecting your webpage, you can easily decide if your time and resources are worth all these efforts.

The success is directly affected by whether you have defined the consumers rightly and if your webpage offers what they desire. Those who ignore these factors are in all likelihood are throwing aways their money and wasting their effort. This means along with adding the appropriate material, you have to figure out who your readers are, what is their location and source, which webpages do they go to the most on your forum and the duration for which they connect to your webpage, etc.

 You can only give your readers the stuff they seek if you are aware of who they are and the way thy relate with yours webpage and hence you can notably raise your income and profits. For instance, when you discover which webpages of yours are top performers, you can inspect them to comprehend why do people like these posts the most and these same strategies can be implemented for other webpages to get max views

Moreover, you also have to focus on two major factors reader interface and experience so as to offer them what they desire and improve the efficacy of your webpage. This implies that you should examine factors such as the devices people use to visit your domain, their browsers, location, etc.

After you know which aspects are important for your webpage's success, you can then concentrate on determining them. This can be done easily and effectively with the assistance of tools designed for analytics. Such tools are specially developed to keep an eye on the efficacy of your webpage by monitoring the events occurring on it and gathering details. Once the data is collected, these tools calculate important parameters such as no. of readers etc. and sends reports to users so that they can evaluate their forum’s effectiveness. Since the competition is increasing day by day so are the demands of the readers, these tools are a must for anyone who owns an online domain.

There are many such tools available now which are developed by different companies. Although they offer different type of functions, the core function of all such apps is to scan your webpage and the behavior of your consumers when they are on your forum. One such tool is Parsely.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about Parsely, the features it offers and how can they be utilized them to your benefit. Moreover, the article will also discuss its alternatives such as Google Analytics, Chartbeat, etc. so you can decide which one suits you the best.

What is Parsely?

Parsely is a strong and efficient tool that aids subscribers in analyzing the actions of readers on their webpage. More than 1000 companies and bloggers etc. are using this tool to analyze their webpages, and optimize their webpage for better consumer satisfaction. The tool will assist you to comprehend which elements on your webpage are attracting the most readers.

It offers you details in real time which tells you what people are actually doing on your webpage. Moreover, the tool also brings you historical details which are critical in learning the actions of the readers. The real-time and historical info can be utilized for making more effective decisions and future strategies.

The tool brings you around 30 useful parameters that help you comprehend how the webpage works. It will reveal the total views on a webpage, the total no. of readers on a particular webpage, the amount of minutes that readers spent on a webpage or article, avg time and how much a post has been shared. All this info makes it convenient to learn what posts are your top performers. You can then examine them carefully to grasp what makes them attractive for readers and use the same strategy for all other webpages

Moreover, the tool also presents you the no. of readers and engaged readers from a particular region. This info can then be utilized to determine the area from where you recieve the most readers and you can make strategies for targeting them and translations of the webpages can also be created for them. The tool also presents the details of which gadgets, browsers, and systems are your readers utilizing to visit your webpage such as iOS, web, Andriod, etc. This info can be used to make your webpage flexible with the system used by most of your readers.

Furthermore, the tool also tells you from where are they discovering your webpage from such as Google or social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Say, max no. of your readers found your webpage on Google, you should concentrate on modifying your webpages for it. Moreover, it also informs you which aspects on your forum are the people connecting to such as video, images or text, etc.

Another recent addition to this tool is the “current” feature which lets you discover the topics which are not overcovered, enabling you to have increased probability of generating more views.

It uses a strong parsely api powered by AI through which it monitors your webpages and behavior of readers and gives recommendations based on this data.

The tool is designed for both startups as well as larger enterprises. It doesn’t exclude any data points so that you can make exact decisions. Not only can it be used with ease but is quite secure as well to ensure your data privacy. The tool is EU Privacy Shield and ISO 27001 certified for privacy.

Parsley analytics Set Up

Not only can it be understood easily but it can also be configured quickly and with ease. First of all, you have to sign up for by providing your email id and domain that you want to examine it with. Next, you are required to select your integration. The tool can be integrated with different types of CMS . To integrate it with your forum, you need to download and put in its code to your webpages and that is it, it can then be used.

Now, you can access your dashboard where you are presented with several useful features. You can switch between historical and real-time info. The total no. of readers on a webpage can also be examined and much more. 


When it comes to pricing, the tool offers 3 packages; starter, growth, and enterprise. The starter package is designed for teams with less than 6 members. It is available for $500/month. This package lets you track one domain, lets you to utilize full analytics and 250k unique readers per month. The best thing about this package is that it offers a 30 days free trial and doesn’t require any credit card info for the trial.

The growth package is best suited for a team of 5 to 20 people. It costs $1500 per month and with this package, you get access to full web analytics and you can track 1 domain. The monthly unique visitor limit for this package is 500k while it also offers 6 months of data retention.

Lastly, the enterprise package is ideal for big enterprises and brands. It lets users track multiple apps and domains and gives access to multi-channel analytics. Moreover, it offers more than 100 seats. This package can be customized according to your needs and requirements and hence doesn’t have a fixed price. The users of this package also get phone and email support.


Many alternatives to the tool are available some are free while others are paid. Below we have listed some of the best alternatives along with their features and functions.

  • IO Technologies
  • Chartbeat
  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Sprout
  • Clicky

  • IO Technologies

This is another powerful tool that assists enterprises as well as startups in improving their webpages and gaining loyal consumers. You are also given the opportunity to transfer info to spreadsheets or these details can be accessed through API. This tool also sends you reports which are form based on the info gathered so that it is easy for you to make effective decisions. Another great feature of this took is that it lets you examine how people are interacting with pictures on your webpage.

  • Chartbeat

It is another effective and powerful analytics tool that is designed to help medium and large media companies in building consumer loyalty and improving their online presence. It has been used by over 60,000 companies to understand the behavior of their readers and optimizing their webpages based on the collected info. The tool offers 3 key features; dashboard, optimization, and reporting.

With the dashboard, subscribers can get real-time as well as historical details and with both of these they can form future strategies that are sure to improve the forums’s performance. The details in real-time tells you what is taking place on your webpage at the moment in terms of readers' activities while the historical details can be utilized to discover the patterns and events of webpages over time. With these details, you can perfectly modify your webpage to offer readers what is desired by them. The tool also allows you to transfer your app details to the dashboard.

It also offers a video dashboard that helps the subscribers examine the performance of their video. It will shed light on which video elements are attracting the viewers the most and these details can be utilized to modify all of them so that it gets the viewers recogintion. With this function, you can examine multiple videos on your domain.

The details of multiple domains can be examined in one place. Not only is it convenient but allows you to keep tabs on your webpages simultaneously and analyze any details with ease.

With the optimization function, you can learn which webpages of yours get the most visits and hence you can determine your top-performing ones. It will also show you how the views are increasing or decreasing on your webpages and how much do the readers scroll down on your webpages.

Another great aspect about this function is that it lets you experiment your headlines and they are then modified to make them more catchy and appealing. This basically means you can attain the attention of the readers instantly and make them read the entire post. When you optimize your entire webpage based on the readers’ behavior, you can keep them on your webpage for a long time.

The reporting feature sends you detailed reports daily based on the info collected from your webpage. The reports are sent to you via email and can also be shared. With the information, the reports bring you, the effectiveness of the webpage can be improved by taking appropriate actions.

The tool also has Android and iOS apps through which users can access info instantly no matter where they are and improve their platform. If you want to analyze the details with your team, you can use the Big Board feature to display it on big screens such as projectors.

The tool also offers consulting services that you can use to get the help of their team of highly experienced and professionals experts. They assist you in determining what aspects of your webpage you need to work on to get to the top.

The tool offers different pricing plans starting from $7000 per month. However, there is no fixed price and it changes with the no. of readers present at your domain and their degree of activities. Moreover, you also ask for a free trial by contacting the support team. No credit card information is required for the free trial.

  • Google Analytics

It is one of the most popular and used analytics tools which is developed by Google itself and hence is quite efficient and effective. It is designed to help all types of domain owners such as bloggers, media companies, enterprises, etc. As a tool for analytics, it helps you monitor your webpage, examine the interactions of your readers so as to assist you make strategies accordingly and make your webpage more effective. It consists of various useful features and calculates important parameters through which you can make an accurate decision about what to do next. You can analyze which webpage is the best performer as well as which one needs improvement.

It brings you the info in which browsers and gadgets do your readers use when they land on your webpage, their location and screen resolution etc. These parameters answer the important question of who are your readers and what they want. Say, most of people use mobile which is not supported by flash, you should make your webpage compatible with mobile screens and should avoid using flash.

Moreover, you can also keep an eye on which webpages are visited the most by people as well as the amount of time they spend on your webpage. Many another useful parameters are also calculated by this tool which shows the total readers who exit your webpage the first time. This info is a great way to understand which elements your readers like and which they don’t so that you can act accordingly to increase no. of readers on your webpage. The aim of every webpage is to reduce this rate.

Another great function of the tool is that it presents you the source your readers are coming from such as direct links, ads, search engines or referral links, etc. and also the no. of people that came from a specific source. This is again very useful in enhancing your performance. Suppose, if majority of the readers are coming from a social network you can modify your webpage according to it. The tool even tells you which engine sends you how many readers such as Bing, Google, etc.

The tool requires you to put in a code on your CMS so that it can start examining the domain. The code can be generated within the tool easily and once it is pasted the details will be collected automatically. So, it means you don’t have to spend hours collecting the details manually and making spreadsheets. The tool is easy to use and can be set up by simply creating an account and pasting the code. The data is then used by the tool to send you automatic reports.

The reports are automatically sent to your via email every day and you can also make you customized reports where you can select the parameters you want to analyze. By utilizing this tool, not only do you save time but energy and effort as well.

The tool is available for desktop, smartphones, and tablets. It is without any charges and there are no hidden charges.

  • Mixpanel

With this analytics tool, subscribers can monitor the performance of their apps and webpages. The tool has a simple interface. Although it doesn’t offer any dashboards or charts but has enough features to let you examine the behaviors and activities of the readers on your webpage. The tool offers different pricing plans including a free one.

  • Sprout

Sprout brings solutions for startups, agencies, and enterprises. The tool is used by more than 20,000 companies to monitor their webpages and its readers. It sheds light on key aspects such as your readers actions and thier trends. It also helps you write effective material to reach more people. Moreover, the efficiency of the webpage can also be measured with the assistance of useful metrics and dashboard.

  • Clicky

Clicky is a very efficient analytics tool that is loaded with several features. It brings the subscribers detailed historical info all well as real-time details so that they can monitor their webpages and the activities happening on it so that they can plan their future strategies in a more effective way. This that you can examine how the readers interacted with your webpage in the past and also the way they are connecting with your webpage at this moment.

Any visitor who spends 30 or more seconds on a of your webpage is marked as engaged by the tool but and exclude them while calculating the bounce rate. The tool offers 5 pricing packages which also includes a free one.


Analytics tools are very important for building effective webpages. These help you learn who your readers are and their actions on your forum. With the important metrics these tools display, you can easily determine what you are doing right and where your forum needs improvement. There are different free and paid tools available and you can choose one after carefully analyzing whether they offer what you are looking for.