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IO Scout vs. Sellics Comparison

posted on 20-8-27-Thu 12:38
IO Scout
IO Scout vs Sellics - Similarities
IO Scout vs Sellics - Differences
IO Scout vs. Sellics - Which one is better?

Utilizing the right set of tools for your Amazon online business can make or break your business success. Sellers need to find a software solution that fits all their needs with all the necessary tools, high accuracy, reliable information about the product and the market, and all that for a reasonable price. 

IO Scout and Sellics are currently one of the most popular software solutions on the market, and if you are weighing which one to choose for your online store, we will help you compare them and decide. 

IO Scout

This software solution rapidly raised to the top of the list of the best Amazon FBA tools. It's an all-in-one solution that will help Amazon sellers manage their business more efficiently, make better strategic decisions, find the best products to sell, optimize their product listings for higher conversion rates, and much more. This comprehensive solution has all of the tools sellers need to maximize their business success. 

With IO Scout, sellers can save their effort, time, and money, as it browses through a gigantic database of Amazon products within seconds.


Similar to IO Scout, Sellics is also a software solution created to help Amazon sellers with their product research, listing optimization, data analysis, and much more to run their online business more efficiently and with less effort. Sellics offers a variety of tools, from inventory management to keyword research tools. 

IO Scout vs Sellics - Similarities

Since these software solutions offer tools for the same purposes, they have a few things in common.

Free trial period

Both solutions offer sellers an opportunity to try their tools with zero costs with a free trial period and a money-back period. With IO Scout, you don't have to worry about paying for software you're not satisfied with. They offer to give all the money paid back if you're not happy with their tools. 

Product tracker tools

IO Scout and Sellics both have excellent product tracker tools that will help sellers find profitable products with high demand and low competition. Sellers won't have to spend hours on product research, later to find they spent money on products that won't bring them any profit.

Product database

Both solutions offer extensive product database with millions of products.

More than 150 million products

Aldo Sellics offers access to more than 150 million products, it's a bit pricey. IO Scout offers the same feature for a lot less.


Noth solutions are fast, and they will save a lot of your time, IO Scout is a bit more responsive, and loads all of the data in less than one second, while Sellics does the same within five seconds.

IO Scout vs Sellics - Differences

Aldo these solutions offer similar services and have some similarities, some things distinguish them and point out which solution for Amazon sellers is a better choice. 

FBA Calculator

IO Scout provide Free Amazon FBA Calculator for all Amazon sellers.

Sales Estimator

IO Scout provide Free Amazon Sales Estimator for all Amazon sellers.


Probably one of the things sellers mind the most is the software price, besides the functionality, especially if their budget is limited. Sellics is a bit pricey software solution, especially when you realize you can have all the features with other solutions as well. For Sellics, sellers will have to pay more than $3.000 for one year of using the software.

On the other hand, IO Scout offers the same, if not even better functionality, for a more affordable price. Sellers who chose IO Scout over Sellics will have to pay only $414 per year. In the long run, IO Scout is better to go with, since the difference is not minor. You can invest money in your product inventory and promotions. 

Personal assistant

IO Scout has one fantastic feature that none of the other software solutions for Amazon sellers has, not even Sellics. A professional assistant is a highly experienced person who is there to help you, guide you, or consult you about any questions relevant to your online business, products, market, etc. 

Sellers won't be needing any webinars, classes, or countless articles and research. A real professional is by your side to help you become really successful. 

The Chrome Extension

Sellics doesn't have a Google Chrome Extension, and many sellers find this feature very convenient. Many software solutions require you to pay additional costs for this feature, but with IO Scout, the extension is included!


Sellics has very limited collaboration options, while IO Scout gives you and up to 10 of your team members access the tool simultaneously. This option will save a lot of your time, effort, and all your team members can be included along with the process. And we all know how good communication and teamwork is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. 

User-friendly software

IO Scout has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface than Sellics. A lot of users pointed out that Sellics is too complicated for navigating, especially for beginners. 

Pay for exactly what you need

IO Scout doesn't have any features that you won't use, while Sellics has features that are included in the price, but you won't actually need all of them.

IO Scout vs. Sellics - Which one is better?

Every seller needs to decide which software solution is the best for their business, according to their personal preferences, needs, and budget. But as you had a chance to read, IO Scout offers the same functionality, plus some additional features, for a lot better price, leaving us with the question, is Sellics really worth that price?