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Google Analytics Alternatives to Consider

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 01:09

Managing any website whether its an E-commerce site offering different types of items, an informative site covering a range of topics or a blog about technology, is always a bit challenging. The first challenge which any site owner faces is high competition because of numerous sites covering the same niche and topic which means you have to make it visible to the audience. This simply means you should utilize optimization techniques such as inserting appropriate keywords etc. for landing higher on search engines when people look for the related topics.

This is the initial step to improving no. of consumer on your webpage and hence an increased probability of more sales. To enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your forum, you are required to focus on several other aspects as well.

The next and probably most important element one should concentrate on is the material because this is what most influences the decisions of the public about visiting your webpage. Let us say, you have efficiently managed to get a good rank on queries of the consumers but you have not optimized the title and description, which are first two things visible to the reader, to make them attractive and catchy. This will result in a low click-through.

Though you are free to decide the types of posts you desire to put in your forum, it must be ensured that they are relevant to your forum's niche and are of high quality. Since the audience is always looking for the latest stuff, it is necessary to update your site’s material and text on a regular basis.

Owners usually aim for two things; driving the maximum amount of people to their webpage and increasing the no. of conversions as these are the key factors in measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of a webpage. So, once you are successful in engaging the public, you should then focus on making them stay for a long time and convince them to take the desired actions. To see whether or not any of these efforts pay off, you should monitor the rate of conversions. Let us say, you have an e-commerce platform and your goal is to sell as many items as possible. You can measure your success in terms of how many items you sold.

Now, a big question here is how can you increase conversions? Well, these are greatly affected by two factors which are whether you have identified your intended consumers correctly and are they satisfied with what you are offering . If these aspects are not determined, you won’t have conversions which means you are simply wasting time, energy, effort and money. To get these factors right, one must to be aware of who their readers or consumers are, the source they are coming from, how much time they remain on your forum and which webpages they frequently visit.

Moreover, knowing which webpages or posts are performing the best in terms of attracting the most readers and keeping them engaged for longer duration is also very helpful in enhancing the effectiveness of your forum because when you are aware of what you clicks, you can apply the similar strategy for other posts.

 Some other key details that one must concentrate on to give your readers the best experience include the gadgets and browsers they use to land on your webpage, their location etc. so that you can customize your platform accordingly.

Now that it is clear to you what is required to make your webpage better and more effective, you should now start determining these elements. To make this easy, many companies have designed different analytics tools that examine your forum and the events happening on it in terms of people's interactions and send you detailed reports consisting of important parameters so that you can evaluate your performance.

Because the competition has skyrocketed and the demands of the audience are also increasing, hundreds of site owners are now using this tool. However, many of them still haven’t exploited them as they think these tools are a bit complex but there are also many tools that quick and can be understood easily and you can utilize them to their full potential.

In this article, we will discuss different such tools in detail so that you can quickly determine which one is better for you.

What is GA Good For

Before we shed light on the alternatives, it is better that you are aware of what this tool offers so that it is easy for you to compare them.

GA is undoubtedly among the most sought-after and liked analytics tools and is created by Google. You're not only saving effort but also time and energy by make use of this tool. The efficient tool lives up to the expectations and provides accurate results to help you evaluate your forum’s performance. It helps you to monitor your webpages, evaluate the experiences of your consumers or readers, so you can prepare accordingly, and boost the effectiveness of your webpages. Not only is it compatible with different devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones but it is also available without any costs and there are no hidden charges.

It consists of several useful features and calculates important parameters that you can use to accurately establish what to do next. Moreover, subscribers can also determine which webpages are doing well and where do they need to make improvements.

An important parameter calculated by this tool is a rate which represents the no. of people who exit your forum on their first visit. In addition, the tool also aids you in evaluating which webpages of yours are often visited by readers and the duration for which they stay on them. You can use this info to figure out what people desire and what they don't.

The tool tells you about which browsers and gadgets people use to land on your forum, their location and screen resolution, etc. Such details are quite important as they give you important info on who your consumers are so that you can offer them a great experience on your webpage. For instance, if most of them uses desktop browsers, you can shape your webpages in a way that best fits the desktop screens and browsers.

It also informs you where the consumers comes from, such as direct links, advertisements, search engines or referral links, etc. and can also measure the exact no. of people that came from a given source. It also provides you detailed info on each source. You can then use this info to make effective plans. Let us assume, the majority of your consumers or readers comes from ads. The tool will tell you which ad sends how much traffic.

To configure it, you are first required to generate a code from within the tool and paste it into your site. After you have saved the code, the tracking will be started automatically and you won’t need to collect any info manually and transfer it to an excel sheet for analysis. However, before you set it up, you must have a Gmail account. After the installation, you will be sent detailed reports daily through which are comprised of the details collected by tracking the site. The customized reports feature lets you pick parameters you want to include in your reports.


  • IO Technologies
  •  Clicky
  • Leadfeeder
  • Woopra
  • StatCounter
  • Kissmetrics
  • Mixpanel
  • Chartbeat
  • Parsely

  • IO Technologies

It is another excellent software that is developed to help both entrepreneurs and businesses. It helps in optimizing your post and build audience loyalty. The tool also presents you reports created from details collected by tracking your site which helps you to evaluate its performance and make informed decisions. The data can be imported into Excel sheets and can be accessed via API, too. Moreover, one can also examine how people interact with the images on their blog, etc.

  • Clicky

Clicky is a strong analytics tool, packed with multiple features. It has an attractive and user-friendly interface that brings you a comprehensive picture of the consumers on your webpages. Not only does it provide you with comprehensive historical data but it also provides real-time data so you can analyze the success of your site and keep tabs on your progress. Hence, it also lets you track how people have previously interacted with your site and also how they are currently interacting with it.

A great function of the tool is that when it sends you reports, you can get detailed info on which metrics are performing well and where do you need improvement by simply clicking on any section. Anyone that has been on your platform for at least 30 seconds will be considered engaged but will not be factored in the bounce rate calculations.

The tool comes with 5 different packages; 4 of them are paid and have different prices while it also offers a free package. 

  • Leadfeeder

Since not everyone who lands on your site provides their personal info such as email, contact details, etc., the agenda of this tracking software is to help site owners understand who is checking out their site. The software even gives you the names of the organizations checking out your site and lets you understand what they are doing. The tool also gives you their contact details.

Moreover, it also tells you the exact time they visited the site as well as the source such as search engine, referral links, etc. from which they landed on it.

To start using this efficient tool, you have to copy its code to your site and then you are required to link it with your GA account. The tool offers 2 packages; Lite and Premium. The lite version comes without any price and is a great opportunity to get the taste of what the tool consists of and how it works. The price of the premium version starts from $69/month and varies according to the total amount of unique leads. For instance, when this amount is less than 100, it will cost you $69/month but if it is between 100 and 200, the same package will cost you $89/month and so on.

  • Woopra

Google Analytics Alternative

This tool offers three key features; journey, trends, and retention reports. The journey function gives you answers to the most important questions for evaluating your performance such as the amount of conversion accomplished from ads, how effectively are you retargeting the audience, the effect of live support chat on conversions, etc.

With the trends feature, you can examine how different parameters are performing over time and can then make plans accordingly. The feature gives useful insights into what revenue are you generating from different regions, the total unique readers you get every day on your site, which posts do audience views the most, etc.

Lastly, the retention reports show you the level of audience engagement with your platform, how many people come back to your site after utilizing your service or items.

There are 3 packages of this tool; Core, Pro, and Enterprise. The core one is free and provides you an excellent opportunity to get the taste of how the tool operates. The Pro package is available for $999/month and offers data retention for 24 months more advanced results and a lot more. The enterprise plan consists of more advanced features and to learn about its pricing details, you need to contact the support team.

  • StatCounter

Google Analytics Alternative

This is another great tracking tool that provides you with the info of the public activities right when they happen on your forum. It aids you to find our the IP addresses of each person individually to help you understand how they connect with your platform. The software makes the audience’s actions relatively easy and convenient to analyze. The app has both a free and multiple paid plans, whose costs vary depending on how many page views they allow you to monitor.

  • Kissmetrics

With this tool, you can analyze how did your audience act on your site before they converted. For instance, say you are offering a free trial, with this tool you can examine how much time did your audience take to purchase the paid version after they started using the free trial as well as how they engaged on your platform before they made the purchase.

It helps you to easily evaluate your conversions and gives you both historical and real-time data on how the audience interacts with your site. The tool has an appealing interface and can be understood easily. You can ask for a demo before making the decision to buy it.

  • Mixpanel

This analytics tool helps you to evaluate the performance of your websites and applications. This simple tool that does not offer any dashboards or charts but provides ample functionality to analyze the audience interactions on your site. The tool offers different paid packages as well as a free one. 

  • Chartbeat

Google Analytics Alternative

It's another effective and efficient analytics platform designed to help medium and large media organizations in increasing viewer interaction and enhancing their internet presence. This has been used by more than 60,000 companies to learn the behavior of the readers and optimize their ads based on the collected info. When you want the findings to be shared by your team, you can use the Big Board feature to show it on large screens, like projectors.

The tool is also compatible with Android and iOS apps which helps you to track your site and access data from anywhere and take immediate actions. It offers 3 main functions; dashboard, reporting, and optimization. Along with these, it also offers consulting services that can be used to get help from their highly experienced team of experts and specialists. They help you figure out which parts of the webpages you must work on in order to further boost your performance.

The dashboard provides you historical as well as real-time details that assist you in creating effective plans and future strategies that have more chances of improving your site’s effectiveness. The historical info lets you understand the trends and patterns on your time over a period while the real-time details keep you updated with what is happening on your forum in terms of consumer's activities. Such details help you modify your webpage and give readers what they're looking for. The platform also allows you to import your app details to it.

It also comes with a video dashboard that helps you to evaluate your video content. It can tell you what attracts the viewers and you can use these observations to shape all the videos in a way that attracts the viewers. With this feature, you can track various videos on your site.

The best thing about the dashboard is its ability to analyze several sites at one time and give all the information in one place. Therefore, the websites can be tracked simultaneously, and any data can be easily analyzed.

The dashboard comes with tons of filters so that you can find the info that you require without wasting time. If you wish to learn where the readers are coming from on your web, the source filter for traffic can be used. Another essential filter is the type of gadget that tells you which device the consumers are utilizing to access your webpages. Suppose, the majority of the people are using mobile phones when they check out your forum. You can present it in such that it is mobile-friendly. Other filters include location and authors etc.

The reporting feature which creates detailed daily reports concentrating on the info collected from your site. These reports are provided to you via email and you can also share them. With the important parameters and metrics, the reports bring you, effective strategies can be created for enhancing the performance.

With the optimization function, you can learn which webpages of yours receive the most visitors, so you can decide your high performing posts. It will also tell you how the traffic on your posts is increasing or decreasing, and how much do the readers scroll down on your page and blogs. 

This function also helps you to create punchy and catchy headlines for your posts and articles that immediately grab visitors ' attention and encourage them to read the full post so you can keep them engaged for a longer period on your webpages. You can run tests on your headlines with this tool, and refine them in the best way possible.

Various pricing plans are available starting from $7000 per month. However, the price of any package is not fixed as it depends on the level of audience activities and the traffic on the site. A free trial can also be requested by simply contacting the support service. The tool doesn’t ask for any credit card info for the trial.

  • Parsley

Parsely is a powerful and effective analytics tool which helps you keep an eye on the activities of your platform’s audience. Over 1000 website owners make use of the app to learn about their forum and shape it for a more enhanced consumer experience. The tool will assist you to learn what people like the most on your forum.

It is developed to assist both entrepreneurs and enterprises and can be used with ease. Furthermore, it also popular for its data security and privacy as it is ISO 27001 and EU Protection Shield certified. It makes use of advanced AI to accurately track your webpages and the activities of the readers. It also provides posts recommendations based on the gathered details.

Along with historical info, it also gives you real-times details allowing you to figure out patterns and learn what the audience is doing on your site. These details assist you in making more informed strategies and plans. The tool calculates around 30 key metrics such as the duration for which people connected with your platform, total views on a post, etc. which helps you learn the forums performance and what is clicking and what needs improvement. It also lets you learn which posts are performing the best.

A recent feature introduced by the tool is “current” which lets you discover the topics which are under covered so that you can target such topics to drive more traffic.

The tool also tells you where your audience comes from such as search engines like Google or social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter etc.