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All You Need to Know About Social Media analytics

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 23:55
Whether you are an owner of a start-up a medium or big enterprise, everyone today uses social networks for promoting their goods and services. The reason behind this is now it is the world of social networks and zillions of people from all over the globe are using different platforms. So, they

Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 01:44
WordPress sites depend on traffic for business but generating the right kind of attention can be difficult. Many tools in the market can help with segmenting users, creating backlinks, perfecting marketing campaigns, and optimizing content. One of the best products in the market is Google

Everything That You Need To Know About Content Analytics

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 02:22
Content Analytics refers to the branch of business analytical studies that studies various performance parameters of the content employed by an organization, particularly in online media, as part of their marketing strategy for brand promotion and sustainable growth.

A Detailed Insight Into Real-Time Analytics

posted on 20-3-16-Mon 17:11
A business can survive today only if they have swift decision-making capabilities, and at the same time, they need to have a 360-degree view of the situation to make the correct decision. This can only be done if they have all the information they need. Information – apt, and accurate - is what makes or breaks a business.

How To Use Google Analytics: A Beginners Guide

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 06:47
Google Analytics is an analytics tool with all the processing power of Google behind it. Websites and blogs can use the analytic tools in the suite to measure the performance of their campaign, traffic and user data. At a glance, here are the things it can do for you. Advantages of Google

Google Analytics Alternatives to Consider

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 01:09
Managing any website whether its an E-commerce site offering different types of items, an informative site covering a range of topics or a blog about technology, is always a bit challenging. The first challenge which any site owner faces is high competition because of numerous sites covering the same niche and topic which means you have to make it visible to the audience. This simply means you should utilize optimization techniques such as inserting appropriate keywords etc. for landing higher on search engines when people look for the related topics.

How to Install Google Analytics on your WordPress Site incl. Google Analytics Data Analysis Alternatives

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 01:04
Question: Would you like to learn how to install Google Analytics into your WordPress website? In an easy, fuss-free, way? (that appears to be two questions, oops). Answer: Read on to learn the why, and the how. Follow me. Having the knowledge and power of knowing how your users on your

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