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Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress

posted on 20-3-17-Tue 01:44
Google Analytics Plugin by Monsterinsights
Google analytics dashboard by ExactMetrics
Adobe Analytics
AFS Analytics

WordPress sites depend on traffic for business but generating the right kind of attention can be difficult. Many tools in the market can help with segmenting users, creating backlinks, perfecting marketing campaigns, and optimizing content. One of the best products in the market is Google Analytics, and it is completely free.

This is a powerful tool that can monitor the traffic that flows in your website. The setup, however, can be quite complicated, but once that is done, you can access all the valuable information in the dashboard. The only downside with Google analytics is that the home screen can be overwhelming with a lot of data, but other solutions can help you have a more customized experience.

In this article, we will look at some paid and free tools along with Google analytics plugins that offer different features for different types of users.

Google Analytics Plugin by Monsterinsights

Wordpress Analytics

This is one of the most popular solutions that make integrating Google Analytics with a WordPress site seamless. If you do not have any coding knowledge and want to bypass the technicalities, you can simply install the plugin and it will automatically do the work for you. The plugin has a free and premium version, and there are 2 million active users to date.

The only thing you have to do is, install it and then enter the tracking code when the plugin asks you to. After this, the plugin immediately starts tracking all the visitors on the site, whenever users download anything from your website and if some external links or pages end up with a 404 error. There are many filters in the plugin that will help you categorize users.

The interface is very intuitive and easily usable. You can see the details of the traffic and you don’t even have to open Google Analytics to see that.

If you are worried about the loading speed of the website after installing the plugin, the good thing is the plugin is very light and does not create any overhead for the server.


  •  Set up can be done very quickly and does not require any coding.
  • View statistics in real-time.
  • Track your website traffic globally, and eCommerce tracking is also available. This is not exclusive to WordPress.
  • Track advertisement campaigns, track links and downloads.
  •  Attribution links can be enhanced with the plugin.

Pricing: There is a free version of the plugin, and the premium starts from $99 per year.

Google analytics dashboard by ExactMetrics

Wordpress Analytics

ExactMetrics also has a Google Analytics dashboard, which is free. If you have a short budget and need to generate extensive reports, then this dashboard can add a lot of value to the site.

You can see the following metrics in the dashboard - user sessions, how many people have viewed your pages, how many locations users start up from, how many searches are happening organically, how much traffic is generated from website referrals, and how many pages end up in the 404 error.

The analytical tracking can be customized, and you can create various hooks to collect data much more effectively. These could be events or dimensions. The reports are really extensive and go through each page and allow data segmentation in minute details. The dashboard is also compatible with mobile platforms.

The user interface is quite similar to that of Google Analytics, with the only difference being that it simplifies all the clutter and provides a clean cut, concise reports.


  •  See how many visitors are on the site in real-time.
  •  See the source of traffic in real-time.
  •  You can see details of the sessions, how many searched are generating organically, how many page views are there for each page, and what is the bounce rate.
  •  Cross-domain tracking can be done.
  •  It is also supported by e-commerce websites besides WordPress.
  •  Excellent customer support

Pricing: Free


Wordpress Analytics

Every event that happens on the website can be tracked with Heap from the mobile app or website. The mobile app allows you to keep track of all the touchpoints such as tap, swipe and click or any other gestures. There is no need to configure anything for the same. It works perfectly for the websites too.

It is slightly different from Google Analytics on certain fronts. Google Analytics is a great app, but the tracking is limited to page views, whereas Heap allows you to track events automatically. It also makes tracking individual users using different platforms and electronic devices pretty easy with the help of cookies.

Another great feature of the app is the creation of funnels. You can segment your website into various parts and see the journey of a user from start to finish. In each of these segments, you can see how many people are navigating, and how many of them are abandoning.

So, let’s say, if you have a pre-checkout page where your users are dropping off and they are not finishing the transactions, you can understand there is some issue with the page that is turning away users from going through. You can decide to make improvements and change the conversion numbers by decreasing friction the pages.

You can track the events for all the platforms without the help of any third-party plugins.


  •  Set up conversion funnels and analyze the in-depth effect of user segmentation. All this comes without the need to code anything. The plugin automatically does the job.
  • Website tracking is also available for iOS applications.
  •   It can also detect and track form submissions and how many clicks per user were generated on the website.
  • Pricing: There is a free version of Heap which allows you to track up to 5000 sessions per user, which could be sufficient for small businesses. The pro version, however, starts at $299 per month, and enterprise versions can be customized by contacting Heap.

Adobe Analytics

Wordpress Analytics

This is the tool from Adobe Systems which is highly advanced and works well for the enterprise-level companies. The plugin allows you to dig into how many users are interacting with the website through clicks, shares, session times, etc.

This tool can create visualizations that will let you know how likable your public persona is, let you unleash marketing capabilities through various channels and give you the ability to conduct analytics at a much-advanced level than normal, free tools.

Heap starts by letting you segment your users. The segmentation can be done based on interests, locations, etc. The social media analytics prepares a business for understanding the segmentation of demographic in social media, so you can create targeted campaigns to reach the right people at the right time.

Let’s say a majority of your customers are from China, you can stay aware of the trends and news of the Chinese market and bring your content and campaigns to attract the attention of these customers, cash in on the festivals and events at the local level.

The plugin will provide all the data in real-time.


  • Advanced analytics features.
  • You can track data from every source, advertising campaigns, mobile, tablets, emails, etc.
  •  For enterprises that want to do custom analysis projects, there is the option of analysis workspace.
  • The machine learning algorithm collects data efficiently.
  • Various rules will let track the behavior of the customer when they land on the website.
  • Create audience segmentation, funnels and manage user behavior by enhancing your website and decreasing friction, eliminating bad links or bad pages.

Price: It is customized for enterprises.


It is a very popular WordPress plugin that can fit the needs of every user. The data is displayed in real-time and is very easy to use. It can track individuals and the premium features are even more extended than the basic version. However, Clicky needs the tracking code just as Google Analytics. If you want to bypass the coding portion of using the app, you can use various Clicky plugins which will let you use this app seamlessly.

The interface is pretty easy to use and intuitive. The dashboard lets you see the data in a visual and readable format. It is also available for mobiles or tablets.


  • The analytics is all in real-time.
  • It can track the visitors individually as well as giving you a comprehensive view of the data.
  •  You can customize the dashboard completely.
  •  The bounce rate calculator is excellent and reveals a lot of valuable insights.
  •   You can track the performance of advertisement campaigns.
  •   You can set and track goals against industry benchmarks.
  • The pro version has a heatmap of user activity, demographic and other metrics which is a great way to visualize your data.

Pricing: The free plan includes one website and it allows tracking up to 3000 views each day.

The paid version starts from $9.99 per month


Wordpress Analytics

It is a social media marketing tool created to help content creators connect to their audience in real-time. The analytical platform tracks down the details regarding the time and attention of your users such as, how long they are spending on your content by actively engaging and participating. This data is the perfect indicator of what is working for your visitors and what content is failing to engage them.

A video dashboard is available as part of the Chartbeat ecosystem where you can also analyze the details of our video content engagement, which can provide insights like how long your viewers are paying attention to the video and how the videos are engaging customers and enhancing the overall experience that your website is providing.


To start using Chartbeat you have to integrate it with the Brightcove player and then you can have all the analytical details of real-time user engagement appear in the video dashboard. The video dashboard has another screen that provides insights on historical data and is known as daily video-perspective. These tools are aspirational in showing new opportunities to the users by showing the impact every video is making.

To understand the engagement of a page you must know the answers to basic questions such as:

  • How many people are interested and watching the video content right this moment, so you can compare the performance between your content.
  •   Are the videos performing well when they have been embedded in the pages, whether it is on your own website or another website?
  • Understand opportunities to improve the website. Some pages have content with high engagement but do not have a video, so you can place a video in there to drive engagement and views even higher.
  • Know how long users are spending watching the videos, down to the details of seconds and minutes, so you understand what the users are truly connecting with, and not just clicking and abandoning their actions.
  •   How frequently a user tends to play a video when it loads up on the page, so you will know when the video is starting.

AFS Analytics

Wordpress Analytics

It is a professional plugin that tracks the performance of the website. It is intuitive and easy and has several very advanced departures that can enhance the performance of your website a lot.

This tool has analytics in real-time, and you can see the results in the form of easily readable reports. You can see various suggestions in the tool regarding how to reduce friction on your website and increase the rate of customer conversion.

See how users are interacting with the website, capture various touchpoints and set up tracking for various actions. You can add the event tracking for any download that users do from your website, how far they scroll down on a page, how long they watch videos for, and how many clicks they commit per page and where the clicks lead them to.

One of the most important facets of getting organic views and visits is - understanding the major keywords that users have searched, that landed them on your page. Any keywords that are not disclosed by Google can be recovered through this tool, so you can help optimize the SEO strategy for the website getting organic views much quicker and without cost.

Installing the app is pretty straight forward and the plugin comes with a great toolbar that lets you see all the statistics when you go inside the WordPress site and see the admin area. You can analyze the traffic of the website and improve your performance.


  • Recover undisclosed keywords from Google and optimize SEO, increasing organic views,
  •  The algorithm of the AFS tool is specialized to generate data in real-time.
  •  Receive reports in PDF formats on a daily, monthly or weekly basis.
  • The performance data can come in a lot of formats such as HTML5, jQuery, or AJAX, so you can use whatever tool that is convenient for you to conduct deeper analysis.

Pricing: The paid version of the app starts from $11.86 per month.

Wordpress Analytics

The app has some impressive conversion reports that will help you identify the content that is influencing the conversion rates of users, rate of link clicking, downloading videos, submission of contact forms, signing up of newsletters, subscription, and purchase.

The app provides real-time data analysis on which contents are hot, so you can make the most of every post you make. You can see historical trends based on topic, referrer, post, author or campaign.

Help the creators get into the mindset where they can understand which of their contents are creating better engagement. This can also be done by looking at author performance.

Know what topics get more attention to your site than others and how users feel about those contents. Your readers want a specific thing and your website should be targeting their need to trend consistently. By seeing the channel wise analytical data, you can see the engagement context from all the major sources of traffic and take actions accordingly.

Your content distribution strategies should be informed by data, by seeing the newsletters, social promotions, and partnerships which foster high engagement with the readers. This can only happen when you have identified the best content that needs to be distributed through social media platforms, and anywhere else where your outreach lies. Track how sponsored content is faring, what is happening to ad campaigns so you can generate expert reports on sales data.


  •   Know the right topics that can get more attention by targeting customer segmentation.
  • Get better insight into the content distribution and foster higher engagement.
  • You can create reports that will run regularly and email you the results on a schedule, which could be daily, weekly or monthly. The tool allows you to export 10,000 rows of data taken from listings and details so you can view it offline and search for insights.
  •    The inherent API in this tool will let you force traffic to go up by making smart suggestions to your users.
  •   Know how engaged viewers are to the videos you have published. This is irrespective of where the videos are appearing on the website.

Pricing: The starter pack costs $500, Growth costs $1500 and Enterprise has to be customized with the tool to receive a quoted price.


Wordpress Analytics

It is one of the simplest WordPress analytical tools in the market currently. It is a perfect pick for users that are not technologically savvy. The plugin lets you look at basic and advanced statistics from the admin page of your WordPress website, and there is no coding involved from your side to accomplish this. The setup is minimal and the site provides a great guide on how to complete that.

The plugin is available for free. If you are a small entrepreneur who is just starting and do not want to go through the hassle of dealing with Google analytics data or get involved with configuring the tracking ID of the website, Jetpack can propel your business. The only thing you need to start is a free account on WordPress. After you have connected the site to the tool, then you can generate reports that you can see on the dashboard.


  •  Track which platforms your website traffic is coming from and see a detailed analysis of who your visitors are, where they are from and what searches are leading them to come to your website.
  •  Know the interest of the visitors so you can create a lot of related posts and features that will keep them engaged to the website for longer than before, and improve the performance of the website.
  • It also provides a safeguard against brute force attacks that are meant to take down a website through attacks.
  • The tool allows some nice customization such as notifications, galleries, and carousels.
  •  You can see the analytics for the posts you make daily, and know which are performing well, what the referral sites are and what links users are clicking.

Pricing: Free, or the pro version begins at $200 per month.


User analytics is vital to creating an actionable marketing strategy, and with so many analytical tools available in the market it can become truly difficult selecting any one of them. Each of them comes with a set of features that can help grow your business, and some of them are free. The free apps, however, have limitations on usage and how much data you can see, or how many websites can use the tool.

The paid versions incorporate a lot of data and features which are suitable for entrepreneurs of any scale. You can select the paid feature based on how much business you are doing, how many segments of customers you have and what your budget is.

Irrespective of scale, you need a strong focus on the key metrics that will help you grow the business, and optimize the website improving conversion rate. You can select the tools by going through the features of various tools we have listed in the article above.

Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments below. How many of these WordPress Analytics tools have you already heard of? Did we miss something that you think deserves a mention here? Let us know!